Community Elements

The Park Silly Sunday Market's free "CommUnity Elements" make this weekly street festival the unique and exciting event it is, creating a Community Forum for all to participate and enjoy! Park Silly's Community Element Programs include: Featured Non Profit Organizations, Featured Sustainable Issue Groups, Musicians, Performers, Free Kids Activities, Featured Artists, Featured Chefs and Zero Waste Efforts!

Kerry Yoga

These programs are heavily promoted each week through our media outreach. We are proud to provide a venue that allows a source of expression for veteran professionals as well as new and emerging talent. Community sponsorships help to ensure continued free space to these organizations and individuals.

2015 Community Elements:B. Skye  Summary and Success Stories

In 14 Sundays:

  • 168 Non-Profit Organizations, Sustainable Issues Groups and Kids Activities space
  • 118 Spaces given to Farmers
  • 130 Musicians and Buskers
  • 14 Featured Artists
  • 14 Local Main Street Merchants
  • 14 Local Park City Artists
  • 4 Featured Chefs
  • 14,380 lbs of trash was recycled
  • 2,760 lbs of trash went to the landfill

Every Sunday, June 5 - September 18, 2016, 10-5pm on Historic Main Street

Park Silly Sunday Market is a 501c3 nonprofit organization